A key member of the legendary Mokum Records Crew and produced massive tracks like “The Break”, “Chosen Paradise”, “Kold Days” and one of the biggest Hardcore tracks of all time “Name Of The Dj” which to this day is still a big hit in both its original form and as remixes.

He has been playing Hardcore Gabber since its birth, starting out in 1991 in a small club in the Amsterdam red-light district, on this he builds up a large multitude of fans, and from that moment it goes fast and soon becoming a regular at famous events like Thunderdome, May Day, Nightmare in Rotterdam and was even booked for Scottish events like the massive Rezerection, Mayday in Berlin, Nightmare in Rotterdam 1993, Mayhem and Enchanted in Australia and several more, Thunderdome 1994, 15/20 and 25th years of Thunderdome, Hellraiser in Amsterdam, the biggest club in Europe ‘Number One’ in Italy, Poland, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, and the list goes on and on. This guy has the ambition to visit all the biggest events in every country all over the world, keeping the real hardcore vibe alive!

With huge releases on labels such as Mokum, BZRK, Megarave, Spleen Kick, H2OH recordings, Cenobite, Industrial Strength, Masters of Hardcore, handkcuf records and now running his own label called ‘Chosen Few Recordz’ with Lady Chosen Few.

It is not hard to understand why this guy is one of the hardest acts on this planet!

The style of Chosen Few is a unique mix of early Hardcore, Gabber Techno, Up-Tempo Hardcore & a strong twist of Drum & Bass.